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In order to better assist our technicians in resolving your issue, please try to have the following information available:

  • Your workstation number (if applicable).
  • The exact text of your error message.
  • Any programs that were running.
  • What tasks you were performing when the error occurred.
On-Call Services

  • 24 x 7 hour support.
  • Available night, weekends, and holidays.
  • Answered by a live person.
  • Staffed by a member of our Engineering team.
  • Begin resolving your issue  immediately and keep your employees working.
(308) 237-0684 Option 1*
(877) 501-DESK Option 1*

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The Intellicom Advantage

Intellicom has been the leader in business class technology solutions in Central Nebraska since 1994. Along the way, we have helped hundreds of businesses with their technology needs. Whether you are a small business or enterprise class corporation, we have a solution that will fit your needs. We routinely work with clients in a wide variety of vertical industries and have significant expertise in the healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors among others. Here are a few of the characteristics that set us apart.

The Intellicom AdvantageRelationships

We will work hard to earn your business and we tend to forge deep relationships with our clients in the process. Our clients often refer to us as their IT department and tell us that they feel like we are part of their team. We will work hard to understand your business model and help you be strategic about how to leverage technology to help grow your business. When you partner with Intellicom you don’t get an individual assigned to your account, you get an entire IT organization.


Certified Professionals

Our technicians and engineers not only have formal education in a technical field but have also demonstrated their expertise by undertaking rigorous industry certification testing. These include certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Vertical, and Milestone. Our employees also go out of their way to be professional and provide you with exceptional customer service.

On-Call Availability 24/7/365

It seems like in this global economy that business and industry never takes a day off, especially if you are in manufacturing or health care. That is why at least one member of our Engineering team is always available 24/7/365. When you call our on-call number, the phone will be answered by a live person who can start resolving your issue immediately.

Fully Staffed Helpdesk

During normal business hours, Intellicom has a team of skilled individuals standing by to take your call. Our Helpdesk also provides monitoring and patching services that can potentially head off problems before they start which will keep you and your team productive and working.

Technical Partnerships

When your technology is too important to fail, we believe that partnering with industry leaders who provide best in class, industry proven solutions is the route to go. This is why Intellicom has partnered with industry leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, HP and others.

Depth of Staff

Too often, in IT, clients are reliant on one person that knows all the answers and passwords for their network. This can be a dangerous position to be in and can leave you feeling kind of helpless. With Intellicom we have multiple Engineers that can work on the same technology for our customers and we document network information religiously. This gives our customer’s peace of mind that even if somebody is out sick, or on vacation, that their technology will still be running smoothly.

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